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YOU can be a Rock Star when you speak! Find out how: click on the image to view my TEDx Talk!

With decades of experience as a professional communicator, DynamiCoach Founder Tom Cobin can help you elevate your speaking & presentation skills, to influence others and achieve your objectives.

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Does your success depend on convincing people to pay for a product or service?


Do you need to inspire others to follow your vision for a company or organization?


Are you pursuing a promotion with your current employer, or a new job opportunity?


Are you an entrepreneur trying to raise capital for a start-up or expansion?

If any of these situations apply to you, your communication skills will make all the difference.

Let’s discuss how DynamiCoach can help you succeed!

Why Work With a Speaking Coach?

  • LinkedIn listed Communication as the #2 Most In-Demand Skill for 2023; JobScan listed it as #1
  • “Communication is foundational to both personal and professional success, and presentation skills are key to sharing impactful ideas and complex concepts.”  (Forbes Magazine)
  • “Using your public speaking skills at your job might help you advance your career goals. You can use these skills in the office to differentiate yourself from others with similar backgrounds to yours.”  (

Billionaire businessman and investor Warren Buffett has famously said that he believes public speaking is THE ONE SKILL that can increase your value by 50% — or more!


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