The DynamiCoach Approach

DynamiCoach is an evidence-based approach to improving public speaking and presentation skills. Everything we do is grounded in neuroscience and behavioral research literature. Based on a 40-year career in media and medical sales — two fields where accuracy and reliable sources are critical — our founder has “done his homework” about what we teach and how we teach it. We always provide source citations for your own further reference.
The DynamiCoach workshop is a unique blend of informational material and experiential exercises. In an engaging and fun way, you’ll learn the “what” and “why” of public speaking — and, most importantly, “how” to be a better communicator! We’ll build from your “baseline” foundation with individual, personalized attention, feedback, and constructive coaching.

Myths: BUSTED!

Several commonly-held beliefs about public speaking are actually myths from as much as 50 years ago! Nonetheless, they’ve taken on a life of their own through the internet and social media. Believing and acting on these myths can be not only confusing but counter-productive, detracting from your effectiveness as a speaker.

Through careful research, DynamiCoach busts these myths, to ensure you’re not misled by misinterpretation of the data. We’ve reviewed and analyzed the original source material on subjects such as fear of public speaking; verbal vs. non-verbal communication; and attention span. We’ll help you understand what the research actually shows, and how to correctly apply it to your presentation skills. The good news is: what you fear the most may actually be “nothing to fear” after all!

Size Matters

At DynamiCoach, we strike a balance in class size: small enough for you to get individualized attention, but large enough to achieve the “critical mass” necessary to prepare you for real-life presentations. In just three hours, you’ll develop and hone capabilities to a level that otherwise could take weeks or months to achieve. You’ll leave with feedback, insight, tips / tricks, and resources to support your continued development at your own pace.

You can attend a DynamiCoach workshop live in-person in South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties), or virtually / online from anywhere else. There’s never been a better time to “invest in yourself” to improve your presentation skills and build a better future! Click the button below to find out how you can Polish Your Presence for IMPACT!