Just as tempo affects the “mood” of music, your speed and pacing should be tailored to your content.

For simple, straightforward subjects, you can speak a bit more quickly. But if something is serious, or more complicated, SLOOOW DOWN.

And don’t overlook the power … of pausing.

A well-timed pause can be extremely effective in two ways.

Pausing can create a sense of anticipation. When you go silent, listeners may wonder what you’ll say next. It can be a great way to maintain — or regain — the attention of your audience.

Pausing also gives your audience a moment to reflect, absorb, and ideally retain what you’ve just told them.

In the DynamiCoach Program, you’ll learn:

  • How pausing helps you avoid “killer fillers”
  • Why pausing and taking a breath can counteract the fear of public speaking
  • The neuroscience of how the brain processes sound — and how to use that to your advantage